Window leaks should be fixed ASAP


Window leaks are a serious problem. Homes, offices, commercial building and more are put at risk when the window seal is not as tight as it can possibly be.

T&C Glass is here to help solve window leaks Portland property owners when the leak is found. Here are some of the major reasons to check your windows for leaks on a regular basis.

What causes window leaks?

Natural erosion of window seals
Over time, the rain, snow, wind and debris that hits a window can wear a seal down. Modern window sealants prevent natural erosion, but this is still an issue for many of the older buildings and windows in Portland.

Physical window damage
If a window is broken on accident or on purpose, it may affect the seal around the window. Bugs such as termites may also try to burrow into window seals, leaving a leak in their wake.

Shoddy installation
This is a very common cause of leaky windows. Make sure you only hire reliable window service professionals for new installations or replacements.

What are the risks of window leaks?

The three major problems with leaky windows include:

  • Heating or AC will escape through the leak, causing a spike in energy costs
  • Bug infestation risks go way up
  • Property values are reduced

A leak in your window defeats the point of shelter. Even a small leak can hinder your HVAC, allow bugs to creep in and lead to failing a city or county inspection, which will hurt property values.

What can I do about window leaks?

A professional window sealant expert should be hired to fix the leak. If a serious leak has damaged the seal around your window, you may need to have the whole window replaced.

Contact the window service professionals at T&C Glass with specific questions about your leaky windows!