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Damascus Screen Door Repair

Screen Door Replacement | Screen Door Installation | Rolling & Swinging

Besides issues with general wear-and-tear, not infrequently do people or pets run into a screen door, bending its frame or ruining the screen. Our team of Damascus screen door repair pros at Town & Country Glass get your screen doors back in place and working smoothly.

Town & Country Glass: A Great Choice for Damascus Screen Door Repair

We know there are plenty of choices for window screen repair in Oregon – so what makes Town & Country Glass shop the best choice?

  • Quick and Efficient
  • Our team of experienced screen door repair pros can quickly diagnose and let you know whether screen door replacement is necessary, or repair is possible. If there is only damage to the screen or hardware, we can quickly diagnose the problem and get the door working again. Otherwise, we will find the perfect replacement screen door for you.
  • Attention to Detail
  • We’ve all had experience with a screen door that doesn’t work as it should. One of the benefits of choosing a company like Town & Country Glass to replace – or simply repair – your screen door is that every detail is taken care of. You are guaranteed that your door will look and operate like it’s supposed to after our team has taken care of it.
  • Trustworthy and Respectful
  • Having someone in your home or place of business is a matter of trust. When our team comes to repair your screen door, you can rely on their being respectful of your space, getting in and out in a professional manner.
  • Quality Service at a Fair Price
  • Our goal is to provide you with a quality product professionally installed to meet your needs for a long time to come. We promise a no pressure, no hard-sell experience – your satisfaction is our aim. We do everything from measurement to installation of screen doors for our customers. Contact us to get started with your Damascus screen door repair needs!
The screen door repair crew at T&C Glass The screen door repair crew at work in our glass shop

Damascus Screen Door Repair and Installation for a Custom Solution

When we come to a property owner with a Damascus screen door repair issue, we serve them by either repairing, adjusting, or replacing their door, depending on the circumstance.

When your screen door just isn’t working as it should, or the “screen” part isn’t what it used to be, we can fix it fast. Our experienced team knows what problems to look for and what the remedy is. We can source high-quality parts if need be, and tell you whether you need a replacement or can repair what you have. If only your screen needs replaced, our team efficiently completes what otherwise would be a frustrating experience for many DIY homeowners: trying to get a screen to the right level of tension.

When your screen door needs replacing, choosing to go with Town & Country Glass allows you to skip (1) making measurements; (2) going to the store; (3) hopefully finding/ordering something that fits; (4) hauling it home; (5) installing the door; and finally (6) adjusting it until it works properly. Having our team on the job takes all that and reduces it to one step: making a phone call. We guarantee the quality, fit, and performance of what we measure and install. If we make a mistake, we do it again. That’s our promise.

For repair or replacement of rolling or swinging screen doors, we can take care of you.

Screen Door Options to Match Your Needs

When we repair or replace a screen door, we have a wide variety of quality products we can offer.

Swinging Screen Doors

When it comes to swinging screen doors, we exclusively sell storm screen doors – that is, a screen door with glass in it. Other varieties of screen door simply don’t last, and so we don’t provide them as a rule. In a storm door, one panel of glass slides up and down, revealing or hiding a screen which allows for airflow when needed. If your screen has been damaged, we can find and install a replacement for it. If your door needs some work to swing or latch properly, we can help there, too.

Rolling Screen Doors

How many times has it happened where someone walks full-speed into a sliding screen door, thinking the way is clear, only to completely mangle the door beyond all hope of sliding smoothly ever again? Rather than buy a temporary fix, why not just go with a complete, custom replacement? Our screen doors are custom-built at our Portland glass shop from quality materials, based on measurements our pros take from your door opening, so you can be confident that your replacement will work just as well – if not better – than the original.

If your door isn’t working as it used to but doesn’t need replacement, we can repair and replace all kinds of sliding screen door hardware: rollers, locks, handles – and of course screens.

Screen Types

The vast majority of sliding screen doors use a fiberglass mesh in either gray, charcoal, or black. Of course, we can source any of this material for a great price, but if you’re looking for something different – say aluminum – we can help there, too.

Pet Protection

For our customers who have pets that like to scratch at the screen door, we offer a durable screen door grill. This is basically a sturdy aluminum wire mesh that’s mounted to the door. It’s pet-safe, and reduces the chances you’ll need to replace your screen any time soon.

Solar Screens

A solar screen is a great option for screen doors, as it helps to block glare and heat coming in from the sun, reducing cooling costs in the summer. It also improves privacy at the same time.

Pet Doors

Town & Country Glass is proud to offer a great line of pet doors for our customers. All of our pet doors are manufactured by the Pet Door Guys and professionally installed by our people so we can guarantee the fit. Curious what their doors look like? Check out the video here:

Pet Doors by the Pet Door Guys

What Customers Say about Services from Town & Country Glass

Every time I have had broken glass it has been a major headache. Most companies are booked out several months; some may not want to do a small job. I had one company say that to send out an estimator, it would be 2 months out. These guys were the exception to this bureaucratic nightmare. Not only were they the best-priced contractor, but I had my broken, exterior glass done within a week of calling. Now THAT is service. Thank you! – Cedric

We had three vinyl windows where the glass panes needed replacing, along with new screens put on throughout our home. Matt and his team were quick to provide a competitive estimate and get the materials within a couple of weeks. The installation was fast (Andy and Tony) showed up on time, were professional, friendly and tackled the job in a couple of hours. Couldn’t be happier with the results! If you need vinyl window repair, and/or new screens–give these gents a call. – Matt

I can’t say enough good things about this company, but I’ll try. We have a vacation home in Welches and had to have a glass door fixed ASAP and Matt and his team saved us. They are professional, reliable, dependable and affordable. They called me back right away, provided a quote and were able to fit me in. They were on time and promptly completed the job and when they left, they everything cleaned-up. I highly recommend them! – Christine

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A screen door being rescreened Our T&C Glass Company Damascus screen door repair team at work

Town & Country Glass Provides Damascus with Screen Door Repair Services