A look at why you might prefer glass shower doors

It is easy for shower curtains to get worn or damaged by pets, kids slipping in the shower and general wear and tear. It is much harder to wear down glass. Glass shower doors are preferred by many people for this reason alone.

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Installing glass shower doors can be a challenge. Professional installation is usually the way to go. Here is a look at three of the benefits to having glass shower doors as opposed to curtains for your shower.

Easy to clean

A dirty curtain is expensive to professionally clean. Most of the time, a shower curtain should not be run through the washer and dryer you have a home. Rather, a curtain will have to be professionally cleaned, and this is never cheap.

Meanwhile, wiping down glass doors after every few showers to prevent grime build up is all that you will have to do with glass shower doors. Spending a few dollars on house hold cleaning products that last for months is a great value compared to spending a few hundred dollars every few months on professional shower curtain and shower lining cleaning.

Aesthetic value

Older, economic homes priced for value almost always feature shower curtains. Having glass shower doors sets a home apart from others on the block. Installing glass shower doors can be a great way to boost value of a property before listing it on the open market.

Furthermore, shower doors made of glass run all the way to the bottom of the shower basin. In other words, it is easy to walk in and out of these showers, making it much safer for senior citizen and handicapped access. In fact, most walk in tubs marketed for senior citizen use feature glass doors.

Range of options

Shower curtains and liners come in standard sizes that do not offer much flexibility in their design. However, it is possible to have a glass door for your shower built to a custom size that fits your unique bathroom design layout. It is even possible to have shower doors built in and around the basin next to a sink, cabinet or other fixture.

Building glass shower doors around your existing bathroom layout is easy for a professional to manage. If a bathroom renovation is in your future, consider getting rid of the shower rod, curtain and liner system in favor of an aesthetically pleasing glass shower door that is easy to please.