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Looking for a Hillsboro Glass Shop?

Based in Portland, we are happy to serve our neighbors in Hillsboro, Oregon

Town & Country Glass company provides solutions for the full spectrum of residential and commercial glass repair and installation needs. Serving Hillsboro, our glass shop located in Portland, Oregon is staffed by expert glaziers ready to assist you. Learn more below, or give us a call now!

What Makes Town & Country a Great Choice When You’re Looking for a Hillsboro Glass Shop

We know there are plenty of choices for window repair and replacement – so what makes Town & Country Glass the glass shop you should call? In a word: our character as a glass company.

  • Quick and Efficient
  • Our team of expert glaziers quickly and efficiently repair or replace your glass windows, doors, and mirrors with minimal disruption to your daily routine. We do everything we can to be in and out quickly. In some cases after our initial measurements, we can install replacement glass in only about an hour!
  • Attention to Detail
  • We are known in the industry for taking on difficult jobs that other glass shops have declined. We carefully measure and install every job to make sure the fix is long-lasting.
  • Trustworthy and Respectful
  • Having someone in your home or place of business is a matter of trust. You can rely on our people being respectful of your space, getting in and out in a professional manner. For those with older homes: we are lead-based paint certified and follow the strict state guidelines for handling and disposing of lead-contaminated material for homes built before 1978.
  • Quality Service at a Fair Price
  • Our goal is to provide you with a quality product professionally installed to meet your needs for a long time to come. We promise a no pressure, no hard-sell experience – your satisfaction is our aim. Contact us to get started with your glass, screen, and mirror needs!
The crew at T&C Glass shop The crew at our Hillsboro glass shop located in Portland

Hillsboro Window Repair

Town & Country Glass provides solutions for the full spectrum of window repair and installation needs: fixing broken panes, foggy windows, leaks, drafts, even replacing and upgrading entire windows and frames for our Hillsboro customers.

Foggy Windows

What Causes Foggy Windows?

The industry term for foggy or clouded windows is “seal failure.” Insulated window glass is made up of two individual panes of glass sealed together with an air space in between. If that seal splits or breaks, moisture can infiltrate the air space between the two panes of glass. Over time, condensation will build up until your window glass appears foggy. This only gets worse over time, and compromises not only aesthetics but also the ability of the window to insulate properly.

What Can Be Done to Fix Foggy Windows?

In most cases, all that needs to be done is to replace the glass – the entire window usually does not need to be removed and replaced. Modern insulated glass comes in a sealed unit from the factory. After their initial trip to gather measurements, our glaziers remove the old glass unit and replace it with a new one.

Broken Glass Replacement

Whether caused by accident or intention, broken glass needs to be addressed for safety and aesthetic reasons. When our Hillsboro glass pros come out to look at your specific situation, we assess what needs to be done to get your window back to how it was. Most often, we will remove the old glass and replace it with new.

Energy Efficient Window Replacement & Upgrades

Some windows are just too old or too damaged to be repaired. If you have single-pane windows or windows that are drafty, you may want to consider new energy-efficient replacements. These will vastly decrease heat leakage to the outside, increase the warm feeling of your home or place of business, as well as decrease noise pollution.

If noise reduction is something you are specifically looking for, we carry the option of sound-reducing glass. We can install just the glass in your current window frames, or install entirely new sound-deadening windows and frames.

Window Hardware Adjustment and Replacement

Sometimes the problem with a window is not the glass. Rollers, locks, handles, tracks, and cranks (like those on casement windows) are all prone to failure over time. Issues with small things like these often lead to more damage later on, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Hillsboro Emergency Window Repair

One of the most unnerving things that can happen to a Hillsboro homeowner, property manager, or business owner is a break-in. When windows are smashed, we help restore security. Our answering service provides a 24/7 hour response to your call, and we get a crew on-site as soon as we are able.

New windows from T&C Glass shop add value to a home Regular maintenance helps old windows keep looking and working great

Hillsboro Window Screen Repair & Replacement

If your Hillsboro window screens have holes, bent frames, tears, or are coming apart, our crew is here to help with quick window screen repair and replacement services. From precise measuring, sturdy manufacturing, delivery, and installation, we guarantee a perfect fit every time!

Window Screen Replacement Options to Meet Your Needs

As an established screen repair company in Hillsboro, we know the field of vendors out there for screen frames, corner pieces, screen, etc. and offer our customers the best of the lot.

All our screens are custom made in-house based on our team’s measurements. We have a variety of colors available so you can match the previous screen or go in a different direction if you prefer.

The screen material is available in several different material and color combinations. Materials include fiberglass (standard) and aluminum. We also are happy to offer solar screens, which help to

  • Block heat from coming through
  • Reduce window glare
  • Improve privacy
window screens made with fiberglass mesh

Hillsboro Sliding Glass Door Repair & Replacement

Since 1990, Town & Country Glass has been providing Hillsboro customers with excellence in sliding glass door repair and door replacement. If your door – sliding or swinging – has broken glass or isn’t working properly give your local glass shop a call!

Broken Sliding Door Glass Repair

When the glass in your sliding glass door gets broken or needs replaced, Town & Country Glass company is here to help. Just dealing with broken door glass is headache enough – let our team take care of fixing it so you can go on with life.

Replacement Sliding Glass Door Hardware – Stuck Doors and More

With all the movement back and forth supporting a heavy sliding glass door, often the first thing to fail are the rollers. After these go, the door begins to require more effort to move. As the door gets harder to move, the handle can start to fall apart. When the rollers seize entirely, it is possible to damage the track. It’s best to repair worn-out hardware when you first notice problems to avoid more expensive repairs later.

If your sliding glass door has worn out, damaged, or broken hardware, including rollers, handles, locks, or tracks – give us a call for a free quote on what it will take to get your door working like new again. For our commercial clients, call us when your storefront door closers need work. We are equipped to fix or replace concealed and exposed (surface mount) door closers.

Hillsboro Swinging Door Repair & Replacement

T&C Glass shop repairs more than just sliding glass doors! We help with both swinging and sliding

  • Patio door repair and replacement
  • Side door repair and replacement
  • Front door repair and replacement
  • Interior door repair and replacement
  • Door hardware repair and replacement

If you’re having problems with any of your doors inside or out, have broken glass in a door, or just are looking to update your doors or hardware, call us to come have a look.

Sliding glass door in good condition The T&C Glass company can install a new sliding glass door for a great price

Hillsboro Screen Door Repair & Replacement

Besides issues with general wear-and-tear, not infrequently do people or pets run into a screen door, bending its frame or ruining the screen. Our team of Hillsboro screen door repair pros at Town & Country Glass shop get your screen doors back in place and working smoothly.

Screen Door Repair and Installation for a Custom Solution

When your Hillsboro screen door needs replacing, choosing to go with Town & Country Glass allows you to skip (1) making measurements; (2) going to the store; (3) hopefully finding/ordering something that fits; (4) hauling it home; (5) installing the door; and finally (6) adjusting it until it works properly. Having our team on the job takes all that and reduces it to one step: making a phone call. We guarantee the quality, fit, and performance of what we measure and install. If we make a mistake, we do it again. That’s our promise.

Swinging Screen Doors

When it comes to swinging screen doors, we exclusively sell storm screen doors – that is, a screen door with glass in it. Other varieties of screen door simply don’t last, and so we don’t provide them as a rule. In a storm door, one panel of glass slides up and down, revealing or hiding a screen which allows for airflow when needed. If your screen has been damaged, we can find and install a replacement for it. If your door needs some work to swing or latch properly, we can help there, too.

Rolling Screen Doors

How many times has it happened where someone walks full-speed into a sliding screen door, thinking the way is clear, only to completely mangle the door beyond all hope of sliding smoothly ever again? Rather than buy a temporary fix, why not just go with a complete, custom replacement? Our screen doors are custom-built at our glass shop from quality materials, based on measurements our pros take from your door opening, so you can be confident that your replacement will work just as well – if not better – than the original.

Solar Screens

A solar screen is a great option for screen doors, as it helps to block glare and heat coming in from the sun, reducing cooling costs in the summer. It also improves privacy at the same time.

Pet Door Installation & Repair

Town & Country Glass is proud to offer a great line of pet doors for our customers. All of our pet doors are manufactured by the Pet Door Guys and professionally installed by our people so we can guarantee the fit. Curious what their doors look like? Check out the video here:

Pet Doors by the Pet Door Guys
A screen door being repaired The crew in our glass shop

Hillsboro Shower Door Installation & Repair

When you are building or remodeling your Hillsboro bathroom, or when an accident breaks your shower door glass, Town & Country Glass provides shower door installation and repair services.

Framed Bathtub and Shower Doors

When we say that a shower door is framed, we mean that the glass of the door is wrapped in an aluminum frame. Many smaller showers and tub enclosures have a framed enclosure. They are the cheapest option for shower doors – typically half the cost of frameless – as the frame provides additional support for the glass portion so the glass doesn’t need to be as thick. The installation process for framed shower doors is also easier, often requiring only one technician rather than two. These doors look great when newly installed and can last a long time.

Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures

As you can tell from the name, frameless shower doors have very minimal metal – usually only basic hardware to allow for movement. Everything else is supported by the strength of the glass itself, which is 3/8 to 1/2 inch thick. Frameless options are a great modern option when a homeowner wants to create a more open feeling in their bathroom.

Semi-Frameless Bathtub and Shower Enclosures

The semi-frameless style of door is seen on many tub enclosures, though not in too many showers. This setup requires a bottom track, metal on the sides, and a header piece on top. There are panes of glass, at least one of which can roll from one side to the other. The panes themselves are frameless, being supported by the larger frame. With prices typically between those of frameless and framed door systems, semi-frameless can be a great option for your tub.

Shower Door Repair

In the event the glass of your shower door is broken – no matter the style or the thickness – our team can measure, cut, and install a piece to replace it quickly, so you can get back to using your shower or tub. We cut the glass for each job to fit your specific situation, which is how we can guarantee a quick and accurate fix – if it doesn’t fit, we’ll cut it again! Our glass shop team can also help with many shower door hardware problems. Give us a call today!

A frameless shower door example Contact T&C glass shop for your bathroom renovation needs

Hillsboro Mirror Installation & Replacement

Town & Country Glass’ team of mirror installation experts is equipped and ready to install replacement or new custom mirrors in your Hillsboro residential or commercial property. Whether for the bathroom, bedroom, gym, or any other application, we can help.

Mirrors to Fit Any Space

We have made and installed mirrors to meet a variety of needs for our customers. Some examples:

  • Bathroom mirrors (of course)
  • Home gyms
  • Space-saving wardrobe doors
  • Full wall mirrors
  • Wet bars

Manufacturing Options for All Styles

When you choose Town & Country Glass to do mirror installation in your home or place of business, you aren’t limited to just the standard rectangular piece of silvered glass. Some common options include


Beveled mirrors have a mirror at the edges, which reflects light at a different angle than the rest of the mirror, giving the impression of a frame without actually having one.

Custom Geometry

Our team measures each mirror opening themselves so we can guarantee the fit. If you have any curved surfaces your mirror needs to follow, or outlets and fixtures to go around, we will make sure that the mirror fits flawlessly – or we’ll make it again.

Free-floating or Attached

Many mirrors are permanently attached to the wall using glue, sometimes supplemented with clips. When we say “permanently,” we mean it – it would take a miracle to get a mirror glued to the wall off in one piece. In some instances, a temporary method of mounting a mirror is necessary. A free-floating mirror gives just this. By using hardware alone mounted to a wall or piece of furniture, a mirror can be secured in such a way that if you ever want to move it, it’s easy to do.

The crew at T&C Glass shop A mirror installation example

What Customers Say About Town & Country Glass – Hillsboro Glass Shop

T&C Glass really gets the job done! You know when your mirror breaks you’re thinking “Oh great, 7 years of bad luck!” Well either that bad luck skips over the mirror replacement or these guys are the cure for that curse, because it was nothing short of lucky that I went to these guys for help! I got a new mirror in NO time and was walking away a happy camper with money to spare! So if you EVER break a mirror (or anything else that’s glass-related), take your issue to Town & Country Glass! They’ll fix it right up! – J. Henri

Replaced broken glass in wooden window frame. These guys were amazing. We broke a window in our house just days before we were heading out of town. I called to leave a message at 10 pm on a Sunday night and I actually was able to speak to a person. Town and Country Glass were responsive, professional, and affordable. Our windows look great too! I would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat. I wish all my home repair experiences were this pleasant and easy. – Angie’s List Reviewer

They were fast to come out, friendly and customer service forward throughout the whole repair. They did an amazing job replacing the glass in my window, you can’t tell it was ever replaced. – Steve

15 giant windows replaced in like two days. Could not have made a better choice in using T&C. Great customer service. Phone calls replied to within a day. The contractors on site were amazing to the residents and left them awestruck. I couldn’t be more impressed with everything. – Ryan

They were extremely professional, skilled and provided outstanding customer service. They were extremely knowledgeable about the glass products and services they use. They did beautiful work for our home and helped save us a huge amount of money by matching the tint to the other windows so we didn’t have to redo the window tinting for the home. … They really know what they are doing. – Candy

He replaced a big patio window door that got shattered when I was mowing. I called around and he was the most reasonable. He replaced the glass with better glass than the original window. Joe came out when he said he would and did the job efficiently. He was very responsive and I would use him again in a second. I would recommend him to everyone. – Angie’s List Reviewer

I can’t say enough good things about this company, but I’ll try. We have a vacation home in Welches and had to have a glass door fixed ASAP and Matt and his team saved us. They are professional, reliable, dependable and affordable. They called me back right away, provided a quote and were able to fit me in. They were on time and promptly completed the job and when they left, they everything cleaned-up. I highly recommend them! – Christine

Every time I have had broken glass it has been a major headache. Most companies are booked out several months; some may not want to do a small job. I had one company say that to send out an estimator, it would be 2 months out. These guys were the exception to this bureaucratic nightmare. Not only were they the best-priced contractor, but I had my broken, exterior glass done within a week of calling. Now THAT is service. Thank you! – Cedric

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Town & Country Glass is a Hillsboro Glass Shop