DIY home window installation tips you should know


Home window installation can be done on your own. It is not always the best idea, but if you are the type of home owner that likes to do some work around the house, T&C Glass has some tips for you.

How do I get started on new home window installation?

First, make sure that any new window panes, new window frames or other window materials are the right fit. Consider the following:

  • Do you have a specific color or style in mind for the trim and sill?
  • What sort of handle does the window have?
  • Are you going to hang curtains, blinds or leave it totally uncovered?

These questions should be answered before you start shopping for window materials. As with any DIY project around the house, it is best to plan ahead and do all of your materials shopping and tool shopping long before you actually start on the work.

What about replacement home window installation?

If you have a broken window and you want to replace it on your own, then the questions above are already answered. In this case, make sure that any pane of home window glass you order is exactly the right size.

You may want to find an instruction video online. This can help you master home window installation safety.

What sort of things should I know about home window installation safety?

First and most importantly, make sure your work space is safe.

  • Keep all pets and small children away from the window and work space
  • Tell your family members or house mates to avoid interrupting you while you work
  • Do not leave tools laying around
  • Wear gloves and make sure to carefully remove any broken glass from the area

Other safety tips include making sure that you do not force any window materials into place. This can both break your new window and cause injury. If you want a professional to help, get in touch with the home window installation experts at T&C Glass!