Patio doors should be on your mind as a property owner or manager. Here are three reasons why.

Many homeowners take great pride in their backyard patios, and for good reason. When the weather is nice, patios make an excellent place to get the whole family together for barbecues. They are pleasant outdoor hangout spots for friends and neighbors as well.

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However, one thing that can really put a damper on enjoying a patio is a sticky patio door that makes it a hassle just to get outside. Older doors that have a hard time opening and closing often are drafty or leaky as well. There are many benefits to installing a new patio door. Read on for the top three reasons.

Save some cash

One of the best reasons to a new patio door is the money that an energy-efficient door can save in the long run. Doors that are equipped with insulated glass can work with energy-efficient windows to keep your house cool during the summer and warm during the winter months.

Insulated glass uses two or more layers of glass separated by tiny pockets of air to help keep the house the proper temperature year-round and are a key component to energy-efficient patio doors. Getting rid of a drafty door and replacing it with a door that uses insulated glass and closes snugly is a quick way to save on heating and cooling expenses.

Open sesame!

One of the most annoying things about older patio doors is that they often stick and are hard to open. While this is certainly not a deal breaker, it can make a house seem old and rundown, especially if the house is on the market. A new patio door that is easy to open and attractive can greatly help the overall appearance of a house and will also be of specific benefit to the room that it is installed in.

Patio door versatility adds value

Sliding glass patio doors are definitely more versatile than their hinged cousins. Replacing a hinged patio door with a sliding glass door has numerous advantages:

  • Sliding glass doors add an enormous window to a room. This provides a ton of natural light to brighten the area.
  • Spacious entry is very useful when moving in or out. A sliding glass door does not take up space near the entry like swinging doors.
  • Bug screens, curtains and more all come in standard sizes. You can easily and affordably customize your entry.

If you are considering renovating your family room or dining area in the future, let T&C Glass know so we can show you the best options according to your budget and time frame.