Double pane windows make a major difference all winter long

reasons to install double pane windows

Double pane windows are more and more common these days. Since 1952, when welded insulated glass was introduced, the market has shifted more and more toward these windows as an industry standard.

The experts at T&C Glass can help you with double pane window installation and shopping. Read on to learn why you should invest in these windows if you have not already done so.

What are double pane windows?

This style of window is just what it sounds like. Two panes of glass are welded into the frame in a parallel pattern, then set into a frame just like any other window.

Why are double pane windows popular?

Two panes of glass introduce a lot of benefits to a home, office or other property. First, sound insulation is greatly improved over the use of just one pane. Second, wind resistance is much better, which is very helpful in providing shelter from the cold breeze of winter.

Energy efficiency also improves by a lot. Heat retention in the winter and cool air retention in the summer are great reasons to have two panes instead of one.

What are the financial reasons to buy double pane windows?

Some experts estimate that between 18 and 24 percent savings are enjoyed all year long. In fact, the high end models of double pane windows have resulted in 30 percent or more in net energy savings for home owners.

Are there any cons to double pane window use?

Not really, according to glass industry professionals. Since they are so widely available on the market these days, buying a window with one pane does not mean obvious savings. In fact, given the energy savings, the few extra bucks you might spend when you buy a double pane model will be recouped within just a few months.

Also, consider that single panes are much easier to break by a flying ball from the yard, a heavy wind storm or other source of damage. Two panes are much less likely to leave you with a nasty hole in the window frame due to external damage.