Be safe and replace house windows with damage now instead of later


The cost to replace house windows can be high. This leads some home owners to delay necessary replacements or upgrades.

However, waiting until the cold, windy weather of winter arrives is not safe or smart. T&C Glass can replace house windows for affordable rates just in time for the change in seasons!

If I replace house windows, will I save money?

Yes! High-quality window replacements often lead to:

  • A more comfortable home for you and your family
  • Extended HVAC system life, thanks to reduced wear and tear
  • Reduced energy bills

What about safety if I replace house windows?

New windows can come with sturdy locks to keep out burglars. You can also improve a window so that heavy winds are not likely to break the glass.

How will it affect my health if I replace house windows?

Newly installed windows are tightly sealed. This will keep out the bugs, dust and mold spores that cause winter colds.

Double and triple pane windows are insulated with a colorless gas to minimize condensation. This reduces mold risks, and you are less likely to have allergens creep in than if you had shoddy, old windows.

What other reasons are there to replace house windows?

• If cold weather means a window sticks when you try to open or close it, you may have to replace it.
• Older windows may not keep harmful UV rays off your furniture or carpets. New windows can provide extra UV protection.
• Resale value on a home often rises with new windows. If you are planning to sell, invest in window replacement.

It may be possible to get by with a quick fix to a broken window. However, a bandage is not surgery. If your window is seriously damaged, it will be safer and less costly in the long run to just replace it.