Residential mirror care tips can help you avoid the need for residential mirror replacement 


Residential mirror care may seem like an obvious issue. The truth is that many people experience mirror damage in many ways. From improper mirror cleaning methods to unsafe handling when moving or replacing a mirror, it is surprisingly easy to waste money on home mirrors.

These residential mirror care tips can protect you against wasting money on your mirrors at home.

Residential mirror care tip #1

Bathroom mirrors are particularly susceptible to black spots and other topical damage. The edge of your mirrors are an area where gunk builds up quickly, especially in a bathroom with a shower. These blemishes can damage the silver in a mirror and become near impossible to clean if left unchecked.

Make sure to wipe down your bathroom mirrors on a regular basis — a full wipe down once a week should do the trick. Keep hair sprays, shaving cream, tooth paste and other compounds away from the mirror to prevent accidental liquid blemishes or buildup.

Residential mirror care tip #2

Cleaning a mirror is often when damage occurs. A clean cloth soaked in warm water should be lightly applied to the surface, as you take care to avoid letting drips of water run down the mirror. Use circular motions to dry as you go with another clean cloth.

Cleaning solutions should not be sprayed or applied directly to a mirror, especially the following abrasive cleaners:

  • ammonia
  • nail polish remover
  • alkaline cleaners
  • cleaners containing acid

Residential mirror care tip #3

Do not move a heavy mirror on your own. A large mirror set into a vanity table can easily break if you try to rearrange a room by yourself. Homeowner’s insurance almost never covers this type of mirror replacement.

Similarly, if you are mounting or dismounting a wall mirror, do so with some help. Make sure one person can hold up the mirror as the other removes brackets or anything else that holds the wall mirror in place.

Residential mirror care tip #4

Never leave a broken mirror in place. If there is damage to your mirror, whether it is a small chip in the glass or a whole piece of missing glass, replace it right away. It is unsafe to leave a mirror edge exposed.

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