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West Linn Window Repair

Broken Windows | Foggy Windows | Window Replacement

Town & Country Glass provides solutions for the full spectrum of West Linn window repair and installation needs: fixing broken panes, foggy windows, leaks, drafts, even replacing and upgrading entire windows and frames.

Town & Country Glass – a Great Choice for West Linn Window Repair

We know there are plenty of choices for West Linn window repair and replacement – so what makes Town & Country Glass shop the best choice for residential and commercial window repair in West Linn? In a word: our character as a company.

  • Quick and Efficient
  • Our team of expert glaziers quickly and efficiently replace your window glass with little disruption to your daily routine. Many people believe that fixing broken glass is necessarily time consuming, messy, and a major hassle – which it can be, but not always. Especially not when done by trained and experienced glaziers. We do everything we can to be in and out quickly. In some cases after our initial measurements, we can install replacement glass in only about an hour!
  • Attention to Detail
  • We are known in the industry for taking on difficult jobs that other glass replacement businesses have declined. Whether you have single pane or double pane windows in a commercial or residential setting, we replace broken glass as well entire windows, frame and all. We carefully measure and install every job to make sure the fix is long-lasting.
  • Trustworthy and Respectful
  • Having someone in your home or place of business is a matter of trust. You can rely on our people being respectful of your space, getting in and out in a professional manner. For those with older homes: we are lead-based paint certified and follow the strict state guidelines for handling and disposing of lead-contaminated material for homes built before 1978. If you have a need, don’t hesitate to call.
  • Quality Service at a Fair Price
  • Our goal is to provide you with a quality product professionally installed to meet your needs for a long time to come. We promise a no pressure, no hard-sell experience – your satisfaction is our aim. Contact us to get started with your glass repair needs!
The West Linn window repair crew at T&C Glass The West Linn window repair crew at work in our Portland glass shop

T&C’s Window Repair & Replacement Options

Many different situations bring people to our glass company. Below is an overview of some of those circumstances and how we help.

Foggy Window Repair

What Causes Foggy Windows?

The industry term for foggy or clouded windows is “seal failure.” Insulated window glass is made up of two individual panes of glass sealed together with an air space in between. If that seal splits or breaks, moisture can infiltrate the air space between the two panes of glass. Over time, condensation will build up until your window glass appears foggy. This only gets worse over time, and compromises not only aesthetics but also the ability of the window to insulate properly.

While fog may be a cool thing at a concert, it is not cool to have in your windows. Besides obscuring your view, it is also an indication that the insulating capacity of your windows is compromised. Our insulated window glass comes with a 10-year warranty which includes labor. Typically, the windows themselves last 20-30 years and beyond. Contact us for a free quote to fix it now!

A vinyl window in good shape

What Can Be Done to Fix Foggy Windows?

In most cases, all that needs to be done is to replace the glass – the entire window usually does not need to be removed and replaced. Modern insulated glass comes in a sealed unit from the factory. After their initial trip to gather measurements, our glaziers (a fancy word for glass professionals) remove the old glass unit and replace it with a new one. The result: your window repair is done quickly, and everything is as good as new.

Broken Glass Replacement

Whether caused by accident or intention, broken glass needs to be addressed for safety and aesthetic reasons. When our team comes out to look at your specific situation, we assess what needs to be done to get your window back to how it was. Most often, we will remove the old glass and replace it with new. Sometimes, however, the entire window will need to be replaced. Whether your situation is

  • Single-paned windows
  • Double-paned windows
  • Residential
  • Commercial

We can take care of you.

Our window repair crew

Because we always get our glass based on the individual job, there can be a few days between when we measure and when we install. For this reason, many of our customers ask us to board up their broken windows as a temporary measure, which we are happy to do. When the glass is ready, we install it to last. Our team will also remove and replace window trim when necessary to properly complete a job.

If your business is dealing with an issue related to storefront window repair – let us come in to help clean up and get you running again. We will replace anything from a single window to an entire storefront, including the glass in your doors.

Energy Efficient Window Replacement & Upgrades

Some windows and patio doors are just too old or too damaged to be repaired. If you have single-pane windows or windows that are drafty, you may want to consider new energy-efficient replacements. These will vastly decrease heat leakage to the outside, increase the warm feeling of your home or place of business, as well as decrease noise pollution.

If noise reduction is something you are specifically looking for, we carry the option of sound-reducing glass. We can install just the glass in your current window frames, or install entirely new sound-deadening windows and frames.

We are partnered with the Energy Trust of Oregon to be able to qualify you for a cash rebate on energy-efficient window replacements. Town & Country Glass is proud to offer Milgard, Ply-Gem, and Cascade windows – all manufactured here in the Pacific Northwest. Contact our friendly office staff to set up an appointment with a West Linn window replacement specialist for a free consultation and quote.

Window Hardware Adjustment and Replacement

Sometimes the problem requiring window repair is not the glass. Rollers, locks, handles, tracks, and cranks (like those on casement windows) are all prone to failure over time. Issues with small things like these often lead to more damage later on, so don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will either adjust or replace the existing components so that your windows operate like new.

A new window installation Our window repair truck

Emergency Window Repair

One of the most unnerving things that can happen to a homeowner, property manager, or business owner is a break-in. When windows are smashed, we can help restore security. Our answering service provides a 24/7 hour response to your call, and we get a crew on-site as soon as we are able.

When we arrive at your home or storefront, we measure for the glass you need, help with cleanup, and board up the window opening while we get the glass for the final fix. Usually, this takes a couple of days, after which we install – and your window repair problem is solved!

Our window repair team Our window repair team

What Customers Say About Window Repair, Replacement, and Installation from Town & Country Glass

Replaced broken glass in wooden window frame. These guys were amazing. We broke a window in our house just days before we were heading out of town. I called to leave a message at 10 pm on a Sunday night and I actually was able to speak to a person. Town and Country Glass were responsive, professional, and affordable. Our windows look great too! I would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat. I wish all my home repair experiences were this pleasant and easy. – Angie’s List Reviewer

15 giant windows replaced in like two days. Could not have made a better choice in using T&C. Great customer service. Phone calls replied to within a day. The contractors on site were amazing to the residents and left them awestruck. I couldn’t be more impressed with everything. – Ryan

Replaced two fogged (broken seal) insulated glass panels in sunroom. One was standard size, one had to be custom made. Matt was on time and on budget. I will have him come back for more work in the Spring. ­– Angie’s List Reviewer

They were fast to come out, friendly and customer service forward throughout the whole repair. They did an amazing job replacing the glass in my window, you can’t tell it was ever replaced. – Steve

They were extremely professional, skilled and provided outstanding customer service. They were extremely knowledgeable about the glass products and services they use. They did beautiful work for our home and helped save us a huge amount of money by matching the tint to the other windows so we didn’t have to redo the window tinting for the home. The crew was very professional in their interactions and were clean cut. They also were very cautious and maintained the safety of the crew. They secured the scaffolding to make sure everyone was safe while they were working. They arrived every day on time and completed high-quality work. They were very conscientious and I would strongly recommend them to anyone. They really know what they are doing. – Candy

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A window in excellent condition Our T&C Glass Company repair team at work

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