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Apartment Window Care for Portland Managers

by | Dec 6, 2019 | Apartment Window Care

Apartment Window Care Ought to be Simple


Consider the hundreds of windows in a typical apartment building, complex or other community. Keeping each of these windows clean is a big job. Furthermore, a particularly rowdy resident might break his or her windows.

Having a professional glass service team on call is a great idea for any apartment manager. Here is a look at a few tips for apartment managers in need of glass help.

Professional window cleaning

Apartment window care is often a tricky task. Managing a tall apartment building means apartment window care is often costly, but it is always worth hiring the pros. They know how to stay safe. They also know how to respect resident privacy.

Modern windows are recommended, as they are sturdy and easy to clean. You may want to have glass installation professionals install new windows if the old windows are easy targets for damage. Improved insulation is another reason to install modern glass at your apartment community.

On call repairs

Most apartment window care involves fixing broken windows. Even if the resident is at fault, the manager will have to make sure that window is fixed the right way. Most residents will agree to cover the damage if they were clearly at fault, so be sure to document the window replacement process.

If a window breaks when the resident was not at fault, a manager needs to get on it. An old window, heavy winds, stray balls in the neighborhood and more are all outside of the resident’s control. Try to replace these windows within a few days, especially during the cold seasons.

Window construction

Great apartment window care begins with great apartment window installation. Licensed and bonded contractors should always be hired, as amateurs or unlicensed workers could leave you with damage while assuming zero liability. Even worse, if a resident discovers that you have not used proper vendors for the apartment window installation, the resident may have legal recourse to report you and put your apartment managing business in the legal jackpot.

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