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Corbett Mirror Installation

Mirror Repair | Mirror Replacement | Custom Mirrors

Town & Country Glass’ team of Corbett mirror installation experts is equipped and ready to install replacement or new custom mirrors in your Corbett residential or commercial property. Whether for the bathroom, bedroom, gym, or any other application, we can help.

What Makes Town & Country Glass the Mirror Installers of Choice in Oregon

We know there are plenty of choices for Corbett mirror installation out there – so what makes Town & Country Glass shop the best? In a word: our character as a company.

  • Quick and Efficient
  • Our team of expert mirror installers quickly and efficiently put up your mirrors with minimal disruption to your daily routine.
  • Attention to Detail
  • We carefully measure and install every job to make sure what you buy looks the way you want it to and is long-lasting. We can design and install mirrors that will go around light fixtures, outlets, or any difficult geometry your home or business has.
  • Trustworthy and Respectful
  • Having someone in your home or place of business is a matter of trust. You can rely on our people being respectful of your space, getting in and out in a professional manner.
  • Quality Service at a Fair Price
  • Our goal is to provide you with a quality product professionally installed to meet your needs for a long time to come. We promise a no pressure, no hard-sell experience – your satisfaction is our aim. Contact us to get started with your Corbett mirror installation needs!
An example of mirror installation An example of mirror installation

Why Aren’t We Talking About Mirror Repair?

When someone searches for mirror repair online, they may get the impression that mirrors can be repaired easily. And very minor damage can be repaired to a limited degree. The problem is that mirrors are so flawlessly made that any damage is noticeable even after it’s “repaired” with some of the products out there. After all, the whole point of mirrors is to be able to see things clearly.

  • Minor chips in the glass can be repaired using a filler – but you will always notice a small flaw in the repaired area because of light refraction as it travels through the boundary between the glass and the filler substance.
  • Corrosion on the back of the mirror (resulting in the loss of reflection in spots) can be repaired by resilvering. This problem is usually caused by moisture or low-quality glue being used during installation. However, the process of resilvering is not economically feasible in most cases – in other words, it’s cheaper to buy a new mirror. Alternatively, the mirror could be cut down to remove the offending portions, but of course, this will result in a different sized mirror than before
  • Breaks and cracks simply cannot be repaired in any satisfactory way – a new mirror is always needed in these cases

Hopefully it makes sense now as to why the best option in mirror repair is almost always to replace the mirror. As a glass shop, we have a wide network of contacts and can get any size or shape mirror made specifically for your application. If you have any questions about your particular situation and would like to discuss options, let us know.

Custom Mirrors Installation by Professionals

Mirrors to Fit Any Space

We have made and installed mirrors to meet a variety of needs for our customers. Some examples:

  • Bathroom mirrors (of course)
  • Home gyms
  • Space-saving wardrobe doors
  • Full wall mirrors
  • Wet bars

So wherever you’re looking to see a reflection – we can make it happen.

Manufacturing Options for All Styles

When you choose Town & Country Glass to do mirror installation in your Corbett home or place of business, you aren’t limited to just the standard rectangular piece of silvered glass. Some common options include

Mirror installation and repair services offered by Town and Country Glass


Beveled mirrors have a mirror at the edges, which reflects light at a different angle than the rest of the mirror, giving the impression of a frame without actually having one.

Custom Geometry

Our team measures each mirror opening themselves so we can guarantee the fit. If you have any curved surfaces your mirror needs to follow, or outlets and fixtures to go around, we will make sure that the mirror fits flawlessly – or we’ll make it again.


A flat mirror will present your image at its actual size, as if you were standing on the other side of the glass. This is the standard option for most applications.

Convex mirrors bulge outward, and present images smaller than their true size, but allow for a greater field of vision. Perhaps you have seen these mirrors mounted in hallway corners or around particularly sharp corners in the road. They are also used in some side mirrors on cars to give a greater field of view, although “objects in mirror may be closer than they appear.”

When an object is within a certain distance (called the focal length) of a concave mirror, on the other hand, a magnifying effect is present. Concave mirrors are slightly bowl-shaped. Many small vanity mirrors use this effect to allow users to see themselves in greater detail.

Free-floating or Attached

Many mirrors are permanently attached to the wall using glue, sometimes supplemented with clips. When we say “permanently,” we mean it – it would take a miracle to get a mirror glued to the wall off in one piece.

In some instances, a temporary method of mounting a mirror is necessary. A free-floating mirror gives just this. By using hardware alone mounted to a wall or piece of furniture, a mirror can be secured in such a way that if you ever want to move it, it’s easy to do.

One place we have seen free-floating mirror attachment in action is a hair salon. One of our customers was renting a space and so could not install a permanent mirror. Our free-floating mirrors gave her just the flexibility and professional look she needed.

Whatever your vision for your mirror installation, give us a call today!

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Our mirror installation and repair team Our mirror installation team

What Our Customers Say About Mirror Installation from Town & Country Glass

T&C Glass really gets the job done! You know when your mirror breaks you’re thinking “Oh great, 7 years of bad luck!” Well either that bad luck skips over the mirror replacement or these guys are the cure for that curse, because it was nothing short of lucky that I went to these guys for help! I got a new mirror in NO time and was walking away a happy camper with money to spare! So if you EVER break a mirror (or anything else that’s glass-related), take your issue to Town & Country Glass! They’ll fix it right up! – J. Henri

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The T&C mirror installation team Our T&C Glass Company mirror team at work

Town & Country Glass Provides Corbett with Mirror Installation Services