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Eagle Creek Sliding Glass Door Repair

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Since 1990, Town & Country Glass has been providing customers with excellence in Eagle Creek sliding glass door repair and door replacement. If your door – sliding or swinging – has broken glass or isn’t working properly, give us a call!

What Makes Town & Country Glass the People to Call for Eagle Creek Sliding Glass Door Repair

We know there are plenty of choices for Eagle Creek sliding glass door repair – so what makes Town & Country Glass shop the best choice for residential and commercial sliding glass and swinging door fixes and replacements? In a word: our character as a company.

  • Quick and Efficient
  • Our team of expert sliding glass door installers quickly and efficiently replaces your doors with minimal disruption to your daily routine. Once we have the door, we can be in and out and have you back to normal fast.
  • Attention to Detail
  • Whether you have single pane or double pane windows in a commercial or residential setting, we replace just broken glass or entire doors as needed. We carefully measure and install every job to make sure the fix is long-lasting.
  • Trustworthy and respectful
  • Having someone in your home or place of business is a matter of trust. You can rely on our people being respectful of your space, working in a professional manner.
  • Quality Service at a Fair Price
  • Our goal is to provide you with a quality product professionally installed to meet your needs for a long time to come. We promise a no pressure, no hard-sell experience – your satisfaction is our aim. Contact us to get started with your Eagle Creek sliding glass door repair needs!
The sliding glass door repair crew at T&C Glass Our glass truck at work

Sliding Glass Door Repair Needs T&C Glass Can Help With

Sliding glass doors can be a headache sometimes – but when they’re working smoothly, they provide convenience and openness. T&C Glass’ goal is to get your patio door looking and working great.

Broken Sliding Door Glass Repair

When the glass in your sliding glass door gets broken or needs replaced, Town & Country Glass shop is here to help. Our Eagle Creek sliding door glass repair service involves

  • Helping with clean up and disposal of hazardous debris
  • Boarding up for a quick fix
  • Measuring out the dimensions for new glass and assessing if any other damage will need addressing
  • Ordering a door or new glass built for your particular opening
  • Installing and adjusting the door for perfect performance

Just dealing with broken door glass is headache enough – let our team take care of fixing it so you can go on with life.

Foggy Sliding Glass Doors

Foggy glass is caused by condensation. When seals on glass fail in the insulated glass of a sliding glass door, moisture can get in between the layers and condense, resulting in a foggy or cloudy appearance. Besides changing appearance, foggy glass is an indication that your sliding glass door is losing its ability to insulate your house properly.

The fix for seal failure involves removing old glass and replacing it with a new sealed glass unit built specifically to work in your door – guaranteed. Sliding glass door repair is a quick and easy process for a trained glazier and reduces the money you spend in the long run on heating and cooling.

Replacement Sliding Glass Door Hardware – Stuck Doors and More

With all the movement back and forth supporting a heavy sliding glass door, often the first thing to fail are the rollers. After these go, the door begins to require more effort to move. As the door gets harder to move, the handle can start to fall apart. When the rollers seize entirely, it is possible to damage the track. Like with brakes on a car, it’s best to repair worn-out hardware when you first notice problems to avoid more expensive repairs later.

If your sliding glass door has worn out, damaged, or broken hardware, including rollers, handles, locks, or tracks – give us a call for a free quote on what it will take to get your door working like new again. For our commercial clients, call us when your storefront door closers need work. We are equipped to fix or replace concealed and exposed (surface mount) door closers.

Damage to Sliding Glass Door Frame

Even the frame of a sliding glass door can undergo damage when it’s tampered with, as can happen in the case of a break-in. In such instances, it may be necessary to replace the entire door, frame and all. Our team can provide you with a new sliding glass door, fully installed, at a great price. Contact us for details.

The sliding glass door repair crew at T&C Glass An image of a well-installed sliding glass patio door

Swinging Door Repair & Replacement

T&C Glass does more than just sliding glass door repair! We help with both swinging and sliding

  • Patio door repair and replacement
  • Side door repair and replacement
  • Front door repair and replacement
  • Interior door repair and replacement
  • Door hardware repair and replacement

If you’re having problems with any of your doors inside or out, have broken glass in a door, or just are looking to update your doors or hardware, call us to come have a look.

Our sliding glass door repair team

Emergency Door Repair

One of the most unnerving things that can happen to a homeowner, property manager, or business owner is a break-in. When storefront or residential glass doors are smashed, we can help restore security. Our answering service provides a 24/7 hour response to your call, and we get a crew on-site as soon as we are able.

When we arrive at your home or storefront, we measure for the glass you need, help with cleanup, and board up the door opening while we get the glass for the final fix. Usually, this takes a couple of days, after which we install – and your glass doors are back to normal!

The sliding glass door repair crew at T&C Glass The sliding glass door repair crew at T&C Glass

What Customers Say About Sliding Glass Door Repair from Town & Country Glass

Matt from T&C came to my condo to give me a bid/opinion on how to fix a very broken and very secure metal door that was stuck in the closed position. While Matt didn’t think he was the right person to fix my door, he went out of his way to track down a service tech/locksmith specializing in my obscure kind of door. – Hannah

Every time I have had broken glass it has been a major headache. Most companies are booked out several months; some may not want to do a small job. I had one company say that to send out an estimator, it would be 2 months out. These guys were the exception to this bureaucratic nightmare. Not only were they the best-priced contractor, but I had my broken, exterior glass done within a week of calling. Now THAT is service. Thank you! – Cedric

Window repair and replacement service at its finest! Honestly thought I was screwed when my glass patio door shattered, but Town and Country Glass replaced it in no time, they even installed the new glass patio door. 5 stars, would definitely recommend to anyone. – Review on OregonLive

The business owner came out in less than 4 hours to provide me with an estimate to replace the custom sized glass in my sliding patio door, then delivered and installed it within 72 hours.  He was polite, punctual, and reasonably priced. I was in a panic — my house had been broken into, the back sliding glass door smashed with a tire iron.  On the coldest day of the year, east winds whipped through the gorge directly through my shattered sliding door, bringing the wind-chill factor below 20 degrees in my house. Matt answered my call and responded quickly with compassionate professionalism.  At NO time did I feel like he was taking advantage of my vulnerability or sense of urgency. When Matt returned to my house 3 days later, he quickly installed the custom glass into the sliding door frame. He even went above-and-beyond by helping remove the plywood we had screwed into the door frame in an attempt to cover up the broken out sliding glass door. I whole-heartedly recommend Matt and his company, Town & Country Glass. – Angie’s List Review

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A sliding glass door in excellent condition Our T&C Glass Company Eagle Creek repair team at work

Town & Country Glass Provides Eagle Creek with Sliding Glass Door Repair and Replacement Services